Wesley's Jewelers Loupe 30X 60X LED Illuminated with EVA Carrying Case, Loupe Magnifier for Mineral, Gems, Gardening, Hobbies, Industrial

  • $13.98

  • 👍 UNBREAKABLE Travel Storage Case made of EVA material, Only Wesley's as you wish offers a case you can take with you wherever you go.
  • LED ILLUMINATION - See Objects Clearly in Low or Insufficient Light Areas, Three Replaceable Batteries LR1130 (Installed) so the Loupe is ready to use the day you open the box
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Folding Magnifier Slips Easily into Pocket or Purse, Includes a Lanyard to secure from dropping, the box also includes a Lens Cloth and EVA Case
  • 🌼 GARDENING: Identify Plant Issues Molds, Disease, Pest, See Them Before Becoming Big Problems. TRICHOME MICROSCOPE, check Trichome Ripeness with scope
  • USES: Beading and Jewelry making, Watch Repair, Geology Tools, Sewing, Antique Collectors, Hobbyists: Hobby Building Tools (Stamp Collecting, Model Building) Admire the Smallest details in low light conditions, Horticulture Uses Plant Identification, Pest ID, and Disease identification. Geological Surveying Examine Rocks, Sediments, Soils, Sand, Minerals, and other Materials with Tiny Features geologist tool, Kids Magnifier help Children Explore Tiny Plants, Rocks and Insects Study

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