Wesley's LED Magnifying Glass for Reading, 2 Lens set for Seniors, Macular Degeneration 10x 5x Magnification

  • $15.98

  •  5X and 10X LENS Has HIGH CLARITY SCRATCH RESISTANT LENS For Great MAGNIFICATION: For Reading without Distortion to Help You See the Tiniest of Details. You Can Quickly Enlarge Text or Small Items with Optimal Visibility. The 10X (2” Smaller Lens) Magnification is great for a Closer Look at Small Details. (Viewing with Higher Magnification You Will Need to Be Closer To Prevent Image from Appearing Upside-Down). Wesley’s as you wish Offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • JEWELRY LOUPE MAGNIFYING GLASS: Made with Quality ABS Plastic, Without Sharp Edges, HANDLE IS MOLDED to be Easy to Hold with Comfortable Ergonomic Grip, Magnifier Offers a Stylish and Portable Lightweight Design Only 6oz with the Large Lens and Has Energy-Efficient LED Lights to Ensure an Evenly Lit Viewing Area. GREAT for Bedtime reading or RELAXING in your FAVORITE Reading Chair. Its Size makes it Easy to fit in a Glove Box, Purse, or Desk Drawer, Taking up Little Room and Conserving Space
  • BRIGHT LED Illumination 2 LED Lights Provide Perfect Illumination. Switch to Turn Lights on and Off the LED Lights, Uses 3 AAA Batteries (INCLUDED with Package Deal) Wesley’s as you wish INCLUDES the Batteries so you can use your new Magnifier TODAY saving you from Looking for Batteries at the store or internet. We are providing the BEST AAA High-Performance Battery with 10-year anti-leakage shelf life By AmazonBasics this is one of the longest lasting batteries available.
  • YOUR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS will love how easy this Magnifier works and makes life easier the EASY Change Lens offers Higher Magnification with EASE Push in the two buttons on the Handle and lightly pull the Lens off and slip the other Lens in place
  • THIS MAGNIFIER IS GREAT FOR Elderly Adults, People with Poor Vision and Macular Degeneration or ANYONE Needing to View Fine Details in Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Maps, Electronics, Miniatures, Jewelry, and Pill Bottles, Hobbies like Stamp Collecting or Model Building, and Crafts like Beadwork, Knitting, Crochet, and Fabric Weaving. Comfortable Easy to Hold Handle Suitable For Children, Adults, Seniors, Hobbyists, and Professionals.

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